Expert Sets

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

The experts at The Henry Ford have carefully created these sets. Explore a specific topic or use these as a foundation for building your own collection.

Just Added to Our Digital Collections

Created 01.24.2016 | 9 artifacts

Browse selected artifacts recently added to The Henry Ford's digital collections. These are just a handful of the more than 800 new items digitized in December 2018.

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THF Collections Beginnings

Created 02.21.2019 | 12 artifacts

The Henry Ford marks its 90th anniversary in 2019. In celebration, The Henry Ford's curators have taken a decade-by-decade look at how our collections have grown -- through significant additions and evolving philosophies. This set looks at our beginnings -- the objects and archives that represent our earliest collection vision.

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Bicycle Racing

Created 02.14.2019 | 12 artifacts

Bicycle races captivated Americans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Professional and amateur cyclists competed in speed and endurance events staged on indoor and outdoor tracks, public roads, and off-road courses. Some bicycle racers, notably Barney Oldfield, later moved into motorsports. The items in this set provide a glimpse into bicycle racing’s early years.

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Technological Innovations at La-Z-Boy

Created 02.07.2019 | 19 artifacts

In 1927, Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch -- cousins with a shared interest in building things -- founded a furniture-making business. Their ambition to create new products (and to improve upon existing ones) became a defining characteristic of the company. This group of artifacts represents La-Z-Boy's history of innovation motivated by consumers' ever-changing tastes and demands.

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Marketing La-Z-Boy

Created 02.07.2019 | 25 artifacts

La-Z-Boy co-founder Edward Knabusch concentrated his attention on marketing, through both traditional media and his unique approaches. Though the message evolved, advertising remained a central focus throughout the company’s history. These artifacts represent a range of La-Z-Boy's marketing strategies, including showroom displays, advertisements, and special promotions.

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The Most Popular Digital Collections Artifacts of 2018

Created 12.26.2018 | 50 artifacts

During 2018, the artifacts in our Digital Collections were viewed well over a half a million times. The artifacts shown here--representing cars and buildings, photographs and documents, and more--are the most-viewed artifacts of the year. Are your favorites on the list?

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Jewish Innovators and Traditions from The Henry Ford's Collections

Created 11.29.2018 | 24 artifacts

In 2018, our curators looked at The Henry Ford’s rich collections from a Jewish lens and unveiled fascinating stories of innovation, design, entrepreneurship, and cultural traditions.

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Favorites from Our Archives

Created 11.20.2018 | 19 artifacts

The archives at The Henry Ford contain documents and photographs, audio and video recordings, and all manner of two-dimensional items. During American Archives Month 2018, staff and volunteers from our library and archives selected favorite items from our archives and explained why.

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Ford Motor Company and Norman Rockwell

Created 11.20.2018 | 16 artifacts

Henry Ford II, president of Ford Motor Company, commissioned a calendar from the celebrated American illustrator Norman Rockwell to commemorate the company's 50th anniversary in 1953.

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Digitization Team Favorites

Created 11.08.2018 | 7 artifacts

In October 2018, The Henry Ford reached 75,000 artifacts digitized. While this represents just a small fraction of our total collection, the vast majority of the material that has been digitized is not currently on exhibit--which gives you access to materials that might otherwise be hard or impossible to view. In honor of this milestone, members of the digitization team each selected a favorite artifact they have been involved with digitizing.

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